LOARC Board of Directors

Jean Kvamme

Left to right: Debbie, Jean, Shelli

Jean is the founder of LOARC and serves as Chairwoman of LOARC’s board. She is the owner of the Lichen Oaks property where LOARC is situated. Jean has been actively involved with horses since 1995 and is the owner of five Peruvian Paso horses. Jean rides virtually every week and plays a major role in the care and feeding of her animals.

Shelli Denevi

Shelli rode as a child and has been an active rider for the past ten years. She also is a frequent rider and guest at Lichen Oaks and helps maintain and ride the horses owned by Jean. Shelli is the owner of the Los Gatos Swim and Racquet Club where activities in aquatics, tennis and other sports are augmented by an extensive fitness and personal trainer staff.

Debbie Murchison

Debbie has been an active rider for many years. She, also, is a frequent guest and rider at Lichen Oaks and helps in the care of the horses at the ranch. Debbie is employed at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View as an HR analyst.