Your Support is Needed

Financial Donations

Financially, The Kvamme Center is structured so that all financial gifts go directly to supporting the Center’s work. Many Centers are required to rent facilities for their operations. The Kvamme Center rents the facility for $1 per month from Lichen Oaks Ranch, and there are no boarding fees for the horses for as long as they are serving the special needs community through therapeutic horsemanship programs. As a result, all donated funds go to the direct costs of the Center. These expenses include the direct care, feeding and veterinarian and farrier needs of the horses, the maintenance of the Center facilities, as well as the cost of electricity and telephone services to the Center. Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) certified instructors, as well as their training and certification costs, are also important financial obligations of the Center. The stipend requested of every Center participant covers less than half of all of these costs; thus, donated financial support is needed.

Contributions of any level are greatly appreciated. You can donate to our general fund (provides support where it is most needed, such as equipment, education, utilities, facilities maintenance, etc.,) or you can direct cash gifts as follows:

  • Underwrite the cost of a rider sponsorship for an eight week session for a special needs horseback rider who does not have the capacity to afford participation – approximate cost is $480.
  • Sponsor the care & feeding of one of the program’s horses for a month – the approximate cost is $725 per horse per month for all feed, vet and farrier services, and labor costs related to training, feeding and cleaning after the horses.
  • Provide a scholarship for professional continuing educational for instructors.


As the Center grows, we will need additional horses. These special horses for service in therapeutic horsemanship programs must be carefully screened. To date, only 1 of 10 horses screened has typically qualified to be a candidate for our program. If a horse is offered and meets the therapeutic riding program’s needs, we will accept the horse while the owner retains ownership; upon retirement from the program, the horse will return to its owner.

Other items

Please contact us to discuss particular items, such as tack, ribbons, etc. you may want to contribute.

Thank you for helping The Kvamme Center be a place of healing and joy for our community!