“Thanks for an amazing experience today, I can’t tell you how happy I am that Liam enjoyed it so much, you were all so wonderful with him. – Shirley H.”

Private or Group Lessons

LOARC teaches year round except some holidays, and offers several lesson choices to best suit the needs of the student. Lessons are typically private, but horsemanship and riding lessons are created and adapted with the participant’s stated goals driving the process, supported and shaped with input from the participant’s family, caregivers, and healthcare providers.  Each individual in our program engages in activities appropriate for developmental level, stamina, and need.

Lesson Offerings
1 Hour Private Lesson: $60
30 Minute Private Lesson: $45
1 Hour Group Lesson (2-4 Students): $45 per student

We require clients to sign up for at least two months to see the benefits of adaptive therapeutic riding.  Clients may also desire to come weekly for as long as they are benefiting from our program by signing up in two month increments.
Financial assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis including a sliding scale fee structure and sponsorships.  Please contact LOARC for more information

Lesson Payment and Cancellation Policies

Lesson Payment

Payment is due at the time of the lesson.  If you are unable to pay, let the Program Director know the circumstances, and when payment will be made.  We accept cash, checks or electronic payment via PayPal through our website.  Many clients “bank” a few lesson payments for their convenience, however this is not required.

Lesson Cancellation

We require 24 hour notice if you need to cancel a scheduled lesson.  LOARC is a volunteer driven organization, therefore we want to respect the time that each volunteer has dedicated to supporting our riders.  Should 24 hour notice not be provided, the lesson payment will be forfeited.  We understand that occasionally, circumstances beyond your control may arise.  Should this be the case, please speak with the Program Director about your situation.  Same day or last-minute cancellations send a ripple effect through our staff, volunteers and schedule, and your cooperation is appreciated. 

Helmet Policy

All riders must wear a helmet certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials – Safety Equipment Institute (ASTM-SEI) during mounted activities.  Helmets will be provided, if necessary.