Meet Our Friendly Horse Partners


Stormy is sponsored by Jim S. & Margit

Stormy is a palomino Quarter horse gelding and used to compete in Gymkhana.  With his owner Sierra, Stormy won second place in the California Gymkhana Association State Championships!

In spite of his speed, Stormy is the “steady eddie” of our program, able to tolerate all kinds of antics from his riders. Stormy is on loan to The Kvamme Center from the Scott Family of Scotts Valley CA.  He has been part of their family since 2008.

Stormy was born April 1, 2003, and has been part of the Kvamme Center herd since 2015.

“Pip Squeak”

Pip is sponsored by Pat B.

“Ben is so unbelievably happy with Pip and loves everything about The Kvamme Center! – Shannon S.”

Pip Squeak is a bay Quarter Horse mare, and is a very personable horse that loves people and enjoys lots of attention.  She is playful and likes to use her nose and lips to investigate new things.

Well-trained in the Western discipline of reining, Pip is sensitive to the rider’s posture and leg pressure. Pip is on loan to The Kvamme Center from the Jeske family of Aptos.  She has been a member of their family since 2013.

Pip was born April 6, 2007 and has been part of The Kvamme Center herd since 2015.


Ace has a partial sponsorship from Jean D.

Ace is a chestnut Quarter horse gelding with a Star on his forehead.  His earlier years were spent working with cowboys on a ranch doing various tasks.  His most recent years have been spent riding for hours in Henry Cowell State Park.  There are various trails that are narrow, wide, actual steps to go up and down as well as rivers to walk through.

Ace is trained in the Western discipline of reigning and is sensitive to posture and leg pressure.  He has spent a lot of time in the arena with riders of various ages and experience.  Ace really enjoyed giving rides around the arena at the neighborhood’s annual ice cream socials.  Ace is very friendly, often neighs, and is always happy to greet a visitor, especially when they have a carrot or cookie.

Ace was born January 1st, 2000, and has been a member of The Kvamme Center herd since June 2019.


Bud needs a sponsor!

Bud is a 16 year-old, Quarter Horse gelding. He is on loan to The Kvamme Center by the Kohler-Ruda Family of Felton. Bud loves to greet everyone upon entering the center. His easy- going nature and experience in all of the riding disciplines makes him a crucial part of The Kvamme Center herd!

Our wonderful horses look forward to meeting you!