LOARC Featured on My Scotts Valley Facebook Group

Lichen Oaks Adaptive Riding Center was recently featured on the My Scotts Valley Facebook group.  The post and video are below.  Many thanks to Robert Aldana!

“If you know someone with special needs or a handicap, a wounded warrior, or just know someone who could use some therapy or is going through a difficult time in their lives, riding a gentle horse could be one of the most therapeutic things you can do.

Here in Felton, there is a place called Lichen Oaks Adaptive Riding Center that was founded and is run by Jean and Floyd Kvamme that is about as good as it gets. The facilities are unbelievable, but the therapy that these beautiful gentle giants provide is priceless. They are a non-profit organization and would love to hear from you.

Check them out at www.LichenOaksARC.org

*They also have an after school horse club, a fun and educational program for 4th-8th graders on Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm beginning August 30th!”